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02/28 - Rss Links are Here
 After my last post about Rss generation being functional finally, this update to Markerator exposes links to the generated Rss in the generated webpages. I'm super excited for this feature, as I've recently given up on ALL news apps and websites, as they're simply just filled with clickbait headlines and AI generated garbage. By using Rss, the user has the ultimate control over what they read and see, and I want websites that make use of Markerator to allow their users the same level of control.

02/17 - Rss Has Landed!
 After much head scratching on thinking of a "clean" way to implement Rss feed generation in Markerator, I've finally pushed the code to GitHub that does it. If anyone is actually using Markerator (and I doubt it) the Readme has been updated to indicate how to use this new functionality.

01/02 - The New Year
 Yet again, it's been a very, very long time since I updated my site. However, this time, I have a reason!


08/02 - Almost my birthday...
 I've been busy as usual, but I finally snuck in some time for some Markerator work before my birthday.

06/14 - Activity!
 It's been awhile, and I wanted to finally post an update.

01/25 - Soft launch
 The official first Bengineering post has arrived.