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As most folks are these days, I'm online in a lot of different places. I try to avoid most of the worst offenders with it comes to data privacy and dark patterns, but I'm also only a human. I am a big believer in the Fediverse in most of it's various forms, so I tend to mainly post there. A big part of my interactions online happen on Mastodon, a part of the Fediverse that most resembles Twitter. I post over on as benpocalypse, and mainly share all my usual nerdy projects and updates there. I love seeing what new and interesting things folks are working on, so if you've got something to share, definitely reach out to me there. I am fairly active on Matrix chat at as benpocalypse99. It's a pretty nice, open alternative to things like Slack or Discord. I mostly hang out in programming related channels, but feel free to send me a direct message if you're so inclined.
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I also keep a fairly poorly maintained set of Github repositories if you're interested in seeing any of my various projects source code. And definitely feel free to open issues, post suggestions, or fork away. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome. And, although it's certainly not as popular as something such as Instagram or any of the other proprietary photo sharing sites, I often post pictures over at Pixelfed a part of the larger Fediverse. Mainly personal pictures and sometimes behind the scenes pictures of my projects, but nothing too bonkers. Overall, I really like Pixelfed and hope to see it continue to iterate and grow as a platform.


And last, but not least, you can email me at ben dot foote at protonmail dot com if you're so inclined, but I'm fairly bad at responding in a timely manner there. (There's a reason I put this at the end.)

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