Almost my birthday...

I've been busy as usual, but I finally snuck in some time for some Markerator work before my birthday.

Having finally settled into our new house, despite the mountain of things that still need to be done, I think I'm finally getting into a groove here. My wife and I usually spend one night a week, after we put the kids to bed, having an "alone" night where I get to work on one of my 10 million projects, and she usually works on art or reads a book. Thanks to this, I'm finally getting some forward momentum on Markerator, as well as a game idea that the kids came up with.

I also treated myself to a cheap action cam "GoPro" knock off that I'm really enjoying. I've used it to film timelapses of the sunrise and sunset, timelapses of me driving, and awesome slow motion clips of the hummingbirds at the bird feeder. I have a lot of future plans for this thing, but so far I'm really enjoying it.

43 tomorrow.